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Here you can find the latest versions of my Editors and other programs. Just click on the title of the program to download it.

You will need pkunzip (WinZip) to extract ziped files!

All Editors requere MFC42.DLL and MSVCRT.DLL files. You can download them by clicking on Microsoft DLL files. Unzip them and copy to your WINDOWS/SYSTEM directory.

Title of Program What it Does Rating Version # Author
NFS3 TrackEditor Edits the mesh of the track **** Preview Version 0.03 Denis Auroux
NFS2(SE) -> NFS3 Car Converter BETA1 Converts NFS2(SE) cars to NFS3 *** BETA 1 Mike 'Thommson'
CarEditor v0.55 (Internet Release) for NFS2(SE) Edit NFS2(SE) cars (mesh, texture) ****** V0.55 Internet Release (win95) Mike 'Thommson'
NFS3 Manager Helps you to manage cars and tracks in NFS3 *** Win95 v1.0b1 Jan Novak
VIV Wizard v0.5 (Build 182) Allows you to edit files containing in VIV data without extract VIV file. ***** Win95 Jesper Juul-Mortensen
CarEditor for NFS3 (3dfx, Direct3d and Software version) Edit NFS3 cars and objects ****** Win95 Electronic Arts
Fedata Editor for NFS3 Edit NFS3 Fedata ***** Win95 v0.03 Alisson 'bocao' Guedes
VIV file decoder/encoder Allows you to edit files containing in VIV data. **** Win95 Mike 'Thommson'
NFS 3 Car Serial Generator v 2.0 Fixes Duplicate car serial number ***** Win95 codeman99
QFS Editing Suite Edit QFS files from NFS1(se), NFS2(se), NFS3 by converting to BMP ***** 1.0 Denis Auroux
Highest Performance for NFS3 cars This carp.txt has a 0-60 of 2.4 seconds and a 0-100 of 3.8 seconds. The top speed I have hit is 420mph, and i'm sure it can go faster, but the tracks wind to much, which brings up that I have increased the handling on thiss car, so you can do some extremely sharp turns at 200mph. Everything about this carp is better (I think) ** Win95 ReClick101
Car Performance Editor for NFS2(SE) Edit performance **** V1.0 (win95) Matt Bardeen
NFS2SE demo under D3D Play NFS2SE demo under D3D ****** Win95 A guy from Japan
Record Viewer for NFS2 (SE) Views and converts to HTML your Track records **** 2.02.26 (win95) Carsten "Gul Orat[TM]" Witte
String Editor for NFS2(SE), NFS3 NFSStrings is updatet to Version 1.03.009, now supporting NFS III *** 1.03.009 (win95) Carsten "Gul Orat[TM]" Witte
NFS2 File Format Descriptions GEO, QFS, DAT, FSH, CFM and many more file format descriptions (updated) ****** None We - NFS2 Hackers
TrackEditor Edit mesh of the tracks ** V2.1 (win95) Mike 'Thommson'
SlideEditor for NFS2 Edit Slide Files **** V0.1 Mike 'Thommson'
SlideEditor for NFS1 Edit Slide File **** V0.1 Mike 'Thommson'
NFS2 (SE) Car Manager Changes your edited cars in NFS2 (SE) **** V1.0 Anthony Kruize
NFS1 to NFS2 TrackConverter Convert your NFS1 track to NFS2 ****** V0.13 Denis Autoux
ReplayAnalyzer Show statistics of ReplayFiles ** V1.0 Olli Salonen
High Performance cars for NFS2SE Cars are very fast and are now very good on all tracks. ** V1.0 Matej Camernik
CarSelector for NFS2 demo Drive any car in NFS2 demo ** for Win9x Mike 'Thommson'
Microsoft DLL Files Needed to start any program listed here None None Microsoft