Need For Speed 2(SE) CarEditor


This Page was made to give you the latest information of CarEditor. You can find here new features, which will be included in the next release, ScreenShots, News and more.

CarEditor is a program, which makes it possible to create total new cars for NFS2 (SE).
Get some cool photos of your favourite car and redesign it with the help of this program.
Easy and astute user controls allow you to create almost every 3D model. Export the TexureBitmaps and edit them in a profetional Graphic Program; scan a photo and import the image into CarEditor. Everything is possible! So, don't wait longer, run CarEditor and create your dream cars!

send all your edited NFS2(SE) cars to Michael Tsyganov ([email protected]).
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Car Editor 0.55 (Chevy)
Ferrari 512
Car Editor 0.55 (Ferrari 355)
Car Editor 0.55 (McLaren F1)
Ferrari 355

Next version of CarEditor is v0.6:

Feature description Status
Recoloring 100% complete
New setting function 100% complete
Better texture on model attachement 100% complete
24bit View color mode 100% complete
Object by cursor moving 100% complete
New flat rendering function 100% complete
Grid and BackgroundImage functions 100% complete
High-, middele-, low detail switch in CarPartSelector 100% complete
New SE Open/Save dialog box and functions 100% complete
DXF/3DS import/export functions 40% complete
NFS3 Support 60% complete
Face highlightning 40% complete
Face splitting 10% complete
TextureEditor functions: modeless dialog, image scrolling, color view, image mirroring. 75% complete
Rewritten program architecture, improver/rewritten functions 90% complete
100% correct 3D-Camera moving 5% complete
New Icons 0% complete

24bit colormode, background image
new flat rendering, new SE save dialog box
TextureEditor with new functions

when it's released, maybe this week